IMPROVISA - Life in Motion Consortium > Open call for artists (Poland, Slovenia and Greece)

The IMPROVISA - Life in Motion Consortium invites EU artists to submit proposals with new approaches to engage audiences in cultural and heritage contents through the principles of improvisation and the use of mobile technologies. 

IMPROVISA – Life in Motion is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Culture Programme. The project will explore the potential of the audio-visual improvisation driven by mobile technologies, through participatory experiences aimed to engage audiences with difficult access to culture.

 One of the main outcomes of the project is the use of IMPROVISA Mobile app, an application to create audiovisual compositions, interacting with sounds and visuals, based on free audiovisual experimentation, that will be developed in mobile version during this project.

During the project, the selected artists will reinterpret the museums and galleries collections, by creating multimedia content - pictures, samplers and short videos - with the participation of the different audience groups, that will be uploaded to the IMPROVISA Mobile app, and offered to the audiences to interact, experiment and create new compositions and contents in a collaborative and attractive way.

Each artist will be invited 1 week in each of the 3 participating museums a total of 3 weeks of residency per artist.

The residency will take place between September 2021 - May 2022 in the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens), the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Galeria Labirynt (Lublin, Poland).

During the residence they will offer two workshops to the different groups of audience (schools, immigrants, etc.) And they will train the museum staff to continue the workshops for one month. Costs are covered by the project

Each artists will also participate in a one week Creative Lab in Lublin, Poland in May 2021 (if the COVID-19 restrictions allow it). Costs are covered by the project. 

Each artist will receive an artist fee of 1500€ for the further elaboration of the proposals (between May - August 2021).

Applicants must belong to one of the EU member states. The organisers are looking for artists with experience in video and photography, and also those who work in sound art and sampler editing

Deadline: 15 March 2021

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