Open Call for Speakers for ‘Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art in Times of Conflict’ (Cyprus)

The conference ‘Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art | in Times of Conflict’ will take place 13 March 2021 at A.G. Leventis Gallery. It is being financed by Cyprus Cultural Services and organised by the Cyprus Chamber of fine arts, and is a continuation of the Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art programme.

Looking at art as the imprint of humanity but also as a lever of creative energy that feeds cultural heritage, the conference will address Art and Artist’s rights under the prism and conditions of political tension, investigating the relationship between the artist and the political strategy of a state.

The role of political instability, and the impact it has on the creation of Art, raises many questions about the values of art, artistic creation, and its relationship with the state. The Dysfunctionalities in Contemporary Art conference aims to dissect, explore and discuss the particularities of the role of cultural institutions, public organisations and the cultural policies of a state in shaping and impacting the life and work of an artist.

The conference is planned to be physical, but the organisers will adapt according to the COVID-19 measures. Selected speakers will receive a €250 stipend. Speakers from abroad will be reimbursed their travel cost up to €300 and will have free accommodation for the night prior to the conference.

Deadline: 13 February 2021

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