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BIVOUAC is a public event that will take place on the La Rasude site in Lausanne, Switzerland from 4 to 27 June 2021. Eight artists and architects will create installations inspired by the potential of the site, its constraints and possible uses. The people of Lausanne will be invited to discover the works exhibited through an itinerary that will take them, accompanied by guides, to explore the site, which has until now been closed to the public. Temporary footbridges will link the different areas of La Rasude, from the roof to the basement.

From March onwards, several collaborations will take shape around BIVOUAC, with the EPFL’s ALICE architecture studio, the Haute école d’art du Valais, La Manufacture school of performing arts in Lausanne, and groups of artists and architects active in the region. All these creative energies will have room to express themselves and to exchange, both between themselves and with the public, during this temporary Bivouac.

Thematically, BIVOUAC asks what tools could enable us to develop new paradigms to respond to the social, political, economic or ecological changes awaiting our cities. How can we do this in a context of depletion of natural resources, climate change or social and demographic fractures?

BIVOUAC is organised in the form of a call for projects open to professional artists but also to architects and anyone concerned in their professional field by urban development. Between 8 and 10 projects will be selected in February by a jury made up of art, urban planning and architecture professionals. On-site work is scheduled to take place 1-31 May 2021.

A maximum budget of 5000 CHF (~4650 EUR) per project is foreseen, subject to the finalisation of the general budget of BIVOUAC. Each participant is free to seek additional sources of financing.

Deadline: 1 February 2021

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