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Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, State of Fashion is globally recognised as a pioneering platform that explores an urgently needed radical change in fashion. Since its conception, State of Fashion has robustly addressed the environmental as well as the social footprint of the fashion industry, while uncovering new materials and production techniques.

In the run-up to its next biennial in 2022, State of Fashion is reflecting on its core messages and its position by observing, questioning, looking and listening. In 2020, the platform started the intermediate programme ‘This is an Intervention’ for which it invites thinkers and makers from all over the world to take over its programme. With provocative readings, online conversations, interactive workshops, and inspiring visuals, they reflect on the dominant fashion system, its flaws and its future, from a variety of angles. In April 2021, at the end of ‘This is an Intervention’, the voices involved will pass on the torch to the new curatorial team for the 2022 biennial. With this open call for curators, State of Fashion sets out to find fresh thinkers with ground-breaking and novel ideas, who are eager to use the cultural and safe space of the biennial to actively challenge and change fashion.

With the Open Call, State of Fashion is looking for curators that:

  • Have a critical and outspoken view on the urgencies of our time, the necessity for fundamental change, and the role that fashion can play in this transition.

  • Are able to look at fashion through a decolonial lens.

  • Have a proven collaborative spirit and working method.

  • Are eager to reimagine the form and/or behaviour of a biennial.

  • Bring in a stimulating network of collaborators from inside and outside of fashion practice.

State of Fashion is open to curators from different backgrounds and practices, such as design, research, education, crafts, production and media. Individuals and groups of any age, gender, nationality and country of residence are invited to send their proposal.

State of Fashion is explicitly not looking for a singular perspective, and encourages applications that work from a curatorial team, a collective view or a conversational approach.

The curatorial team will be involved on a project basis from April 2021 and until the end of the biennial in June/July 2022. For this part-time commitment, the curatorial team receives a project-based fee. The Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation is a non-profit organization and takes the regulations of fair practice as a basis for its renumeration.

Deadline: 24 January 2021

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