Ars Electronica > ArtScience Residency Program enabled by Deutsche Telekom (Eastern Europe / Austria)


Ars Electronica and Deutsche Telekom are offering a new residency dedicated to artists who are from / who stand in relation to Eastern Europe, who work at the interface of art, technology and science, and who are particularly interested in researching the social impact of technological developments.

The residency will take place in two parts. In the first phase, artists will receive scientific mentoring over a 4-8 week residency, with the aim of elaborating the concept for their artistic research work and sharpening the artistic/scientific question behind it. The second part of the residency will then take place in Linz at Ars Electronica over 3-6 weeks, allowing the artist to produce the work ready to present it at Ars Electronica Festival 2021.

The organisers are calling for artistic concepts for objects or installations, processes and artefacts, performances, screenings or interventions coming from areas such as Interactive Art, BioArt, Hybrid Art, AI & Life Sciences, Sound Art, Net Art, Digital Communities, Participatory Art/Crowd Art, Artistic Platform Projects, Art Activism, and many more. However, the aim of the artwork should be to critically question technological developments including technological tools.

The selected artist will win a residency with a €15,500 artist fee and production cost. The fee structure is:

  • €3000 artist fee

  • €10,000 production costs for which a proposal is required.

  • Up to €2500 travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, including: travel to scientific partner, 1 travel to Ars Electronica as well as accommodation in Linz for 4-6 weeks.

Deadline: 29 November 2020

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