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Every year from April to June the city of Pforzheim invites international young designers to the city as part of the Designers in Residence scholarship programme. Designers in Residence addresses young designers working in the fields of jewellery, fashion, accessory and industrial design. Three scholarship holders will be invited to the EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim for a three-month working phase.

Fully equipped workplaces in the workshops will be available for the scholarship holders to use, as well as accommodation for the period of the scholarship. If required, the workshops of Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences can also be used. In addition, each scholarship holder receives a monthly support of 1000 EUR and a reimbursement of the travel expenses for arrival and departure. A special allowance will be made available for material costs.

The scholarship will run 1 April 2021 – 30 June 2021. The results of the work fellowship will then be presented in an exhibition at the EMMA – Creative Center Pforzheim as well as in cooperation with the Design Center Baden – Württemberg in Stuttgart.

Deadline: 15 November 2020

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