Malta Festival Poznań > Call for Projects Exploring Water (Poland)


Malta Festival Poznań in Poland is inviting artists to submit projects for the socio-artistic section of its programme, Generator Malta.

‘Water is you’ is the theme of this year's activities, strongly associated with the social context of water and the Poznań reservoirs. The festival invites artists, musicians, researchers and activists, among others, to explore how water reflects the social world, and what it says about us when we draw it into political games, try to tame it, privatise it, use it for entertainment purposes, or enter it in the constitution.

The festival is open to proposals for artistic activities, objects and interactive installations, artistic and educational processes, interdisciplinary experiences, and more. Projects should be prepared with one of the selected water basins in Poznań in mind: a lake, pond, wetland, river, pool, stream, channel or reservoir.

The projects will be realised during Malta Festival Poznań, between 19 and 28 June 2020. The exact dates of realising individual projects will be determined following the selection of projects.

The maximum cost per project is 3000 zlotys (~650 EUR), including 1600 zlotys (350 EUR) for the project creators and a production budget of 1400 zlotys (~300 EUR). The festival will also cover participants’ costs of travel.

Deadline: 6 April 2020

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