REGIOPARL > Call for Artistic Contribution to Accompany the Regional Parliaments Lab


REGIOPARL (the Regional Parliaments Lab) is a five-year research project which aims to contribute to a better understanding of how the instruments, potentials and boundaries of the regional level can be a carrier of European democracy. To support its touring programme of workshops, the organisers are looking for an artistic work that deals with the idea of Europe in a playful way, inviting reflection and discussion and thus enabling ‘Europe’ to be experienced.

They are looking for an interactive artistic contribution that is easy to grasp and can be displayed in public space. It will accompany the project to its various stations in different regions of several EU member states and ideally meet the following requirements:

  • The contribution deals with the topics of Europe, Europe of the regions, future of Europe and/or the interplay of regional and European identities.

  • The contribution has a ‘traveling aspect’ – something physical or conceptual that can connect the individual stations in different European regions.

  • The contribution goes beyond the scientific and political debate and creates a sensual approach to the debate about Europe through materiality / visuality / haptics / acoustics and invites a personal examination of the topic.

  • The contribution is understandable in different languages or cleverly deals with the multilingual nature of the project.

  • The situations in public spaces triggered by the contribution should be documented.

The contribution is feasible within a budget of max. 20,000 euros (including any taxes and duties). This amount includes (1) the conception and preparation of the contribution (including material costs) and (2) the implementation and transport of the work by the artist(s), together with the REGIOPARL project team, to the stations of the project in different regions for the year 2020 (4-6 stations planned for 2020), including the preparatory work associated with the on-site presentation of the contribution, which will be carried out in close coordination with the project team.

Additional funds from the project budget are available for the travel and accommodation costs to accompany the contribution to the different workshop stations. Additional funds might be available for possible cooperation with local artists and cultural institutions on site.

Deadline: 15 March 2020

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