Mondriaan Fund > Open Call Artists with a Refugee Background (Netherlands)

The Mondriaan Fund has issued an open call for visual artists who have come to the Netherlands as a refugee. They can apply for a grant – a fixed contribution of 19,000 euros – for developing and presenting new work. The grant can be used for everything involving the development and presentation of new work; for example carrying out research, participating in a residency, renting a studio, buying materials and equipment, hiring expertise or assistance, and preparing exhibitions or presentations.

The aim is to offer artists with a refugee background the opportunity to build up an artistic practice in the Netherlands so that they can contribute to a richer landscape of the visual arts.

Artists who receive a grant will be offered a mentor for a period of twelve months. This programme is offered in cooperation with Cultuur+Ondernemen (Culture + Entrepreneurship). The mentor is an experienced visual artist or intermediary, who can guide the artist in developing new work and in forging a connection with visual art practice in the Netherlands. Participants may themselves choose this mentor from this list.

The Mondriaan Fund is making up to 10 grants available for visual artists with a refugee background.

To be eligible you should:

  • Wish to build up a practice as a visual artist in the Netherlands.

  • Have come to the Netherlands as a refugee.

  • Have lived in the Netherlands for less than 10 years.

  • Have not received a grant from the fund before.

You cannot apply for this grant while studying at a community college, higher education institute or university, including post-academic or post-doctoral education.

Applicants can apply together with other artists, as a duo or as a collective. In that case each participating artist must apply individually, and include an explanation regarding their individual contribution to the cooperation.

Deadline: 2 March 2020

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