European Cultural Foundation > Democracy Needs Imagination – second round

For this second round, the European Cultural Foundation wants to support people who are working for European democratic values. People who are fighting for their rights as citizens, for their right to public space and personal freedoms, and for their right to creative expression. They are looking for individuals or organisations working at a local, national or transnational level. They want to hear your most imaginative ideas in the fields of arts and culture, media/journalism, citizen actions, education, digital and even across a range of different sectors.

Your idea could be local, national or transnational, online or offline, and you can be based anywhere in the world but it must be striving towards stronger unity in Europe. This means projects whose focus is only artistic or only educational do not match our criteria.

You need to be above 18 years old and can apply as an individual or as an organisation.

Grants are available in three amounts:

o   Small: €5.000 – 15.000

o   Medium: €15.000 – 30.000

o   Large: €30.000 – 50.000

Deadline: 27 September 2019

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