Asian Arts Media Roundtable (Singapore)

The Asian Arts Media Roundtable is a two-day meeting of arts editors, publishers, reviewers, arts journalists, critics, bloggers, podcasters, videocasters, academics and arts makers from Southeast Asia, East Asia and Asia-Pacific. The Roundtable is the first step towards establishing a network of arts media organisations and individual arts writers in the region that will have multiple impacts across the creation, discourse and consumption of the arts. 

Can apply: participants from Southeast Asia, East Asia and Asia Pacific who are involved in critical discourses about the performing arts, published in print and broadcast media, websites, blogs, podcasts and video casts, magazines, journals, social media etc. Academics, researchers and art makers interested in issues related to reviewing and criticism, audience engagement and arts media are also welcome. 

While the Asian Arts Media Roundtable is focused on arts media covering the performing arts, participants who work in visual arts, film and other genres are also welcome. 

The event is organised by ArtsEquator Ltd. 

Successful applicants will have their international return flights and accommodation in Singapore fully covered by the organiser. 

Deadline: 30 January 2019

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