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The Mar Menor, a coastal lagoon located in the Region of Murcia, deserves five protection figures at a regional, European and global level. It is an environmental enclave with a characteristic flora and fauna that endow the landscape with great beauty and uniqueness around which its particular idiosyncrasy was forged: traditional fishing, the extraction of salt and spas under the protection of calm and shallow waters.

Its special characteristics combined with the temperate climate of the region have led to the area having experienced strong economic development due mainly to intensive agriculture, the real estate boom and uncontrolled tourist exploitation. This situation, together with other economic, political and environmental factors, have led to an alarming state of deterioration: the ecosystem has lost its equilibrium and the effects of human action on the territory are being increasingly more alarming. The Anthropocene shows its effects in the Mar Menor.

In this context, this call raises the need to collectively think about a new story for the lagoon from the confrontation of its different imaginaries: tourist attraction, productive garden, dumping deposit, sports space, resort, natural oasis, complex system of matter hybrid in which nature and artifice, biology and technology, tradition and progress are amalgamated.

Through the articulation of knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration, this call proposes to use the capacity of contemporary art and the practices of visuality as a vehicle to collectively imagine the future of the Mar Menor.

Creators* of any age and nationality residing in a European country at the time of this call.
The organisers expect proposals from artists who:
-are interested in the relationship between knowledge and disciplines of art and science.
-that work with concepts, methodologies and artistic or scientific technologies.
-interested in environmental processes and in the possibilities of artistic practices to generate alternative stories for this natural environment.

-that approach artistic research from diverse and plural perspectives, in relation to political, social and cultural issues.

* In the case of artists who work collectively, the budget viability of the proposal will be studied according to the number of members of the collective and the place of origin. In no case may the funds destined to travel and residence of the selected ones be increased but alternative ways to share those funds among the team will be studied.

The aid has an economic endowment of:
-1200 euros in concept of fees, to which the corresponding taxes will be applied according to the legislation in force.
-2000 euros for the production of the selected project after approval of its corresponding budget.
-2 Return tickets from and to the European country of origin of the artist.
-10 days of residence in the Mar Menor (from 10 to 20 September 2018). If the artist's project requires an extension of the stay, its viability will be studied from the production budget of the project.
-3 days of residence in Murcia for the assembly of the exhibition in March-April 2019.

Deadline: 3 June 2018

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