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This programme aims to create an interdisciplinary and intergenerational exchange between research and art practices around questions concerning the invention of forms of representation in the age of globalisation. The primary goal of this programme is to interrogate conventional modes of knowledge production that, by and large, marginalise the arts and their heuristic properties, in social science and humanities. Their intention is to stimulate a debate addressing all aspects of collaboration between artists and the academic world. The organisers look for artistic and intellectual responses to the emerging and existing tensions at the age of globalisation.

In order to stimulate this new space of dialogue, we would like to select two complementary candidates for this residency, engaged respectively in the artistic and the academic research.

Although the submissions will be separated and independent, the selected people will be expected to take part in the residency during the same period and to work in collaboration with one another. Joined submissions (i.e. one artist and one researcher) might be accepted as long as each candidate will send a full application. No discipline will be privileged in the selection process. Over the course of their stay, the two successful candidates will participate in the activities of the EHESS, Paris – that is, to seminars, workshops and conferences. The organisers hope that this dialogue between artists and academics will enrich the production of knowledge in the arts as well as academia. The outcome of this exchange will be submitted to the public. We particularly encourage submissions from the peripheral zones of globalisation.

All researchers and/or artists are eligible to apply to this programme, irrespective of discipline,age, gender or origins. In this first phase of selection, applications can be written in the candidate’s mother tongue. However, a working knowledge of English and/or French is necessary. The organisers would also be happy to receive suggestions of possible candidates from third parties. The duration of the residency is of three months, from September 2018 to December 2018.

The programme will provide a monthly living/production allowance to each candidate (ca 4,500 euros including travel)

Deadline: 30 April 2018

Find all information in the attached document (scroll down for English)