Qalandiya International 2018 > Ramallah Municipality’s Mamarat (Paths) residency programme (Palestine)

Mamarat (Paths) is the residency programme of Ramallah Municipality seeking to utilise its growing global networks in the field of culture for the purpose of the 2018 edition of Qalandiya International, its theme being (Solidarity).

Selected artists will have the opportunity to meet local Palestinian artists, art professionals, and contribute to the final exhibition produced by the Municipality of Ramallah and curated by Reem Fadda, which will be part of this edition of Qalandyia International in October 2018.


The notion of 'solidarity’ has been synchronic with the history of the Palestinian struggle against successive colonial structures and regimes, although not always in perfect tandem with it. The ethos and practices of 'solidarity’ have been through a plethora of delineations, spanning local particularities and/or global networks and alliances. The spectrum of the contradictory practices of 'solidarity’ has ranged from being closely affiliated at certain times to extreme religious ideals and idioms, towards more global socialist manifestoes during specific epochs, while also being unremittingly hinged upon Pan-Arab idealism. These were not, however, the only practices of 'solidarity’ in Palestine. Historically, other forms have fluctuated and come and gone, based on either ideologies, cultural and humanitarian idioms, or social and tribal rapports, etc.  

Mamarat invites partners and collaborators to probe 'The Social Question’ by means of discursive engagement with the term 'Solidarity’ – pertaining to opening up for global experiences, yet forging local experimentations and contemporary definitions. Ideas of mutuality, the conventional things that connect us all, are questioned in order to reactivate this space of solidarity and the collective spirit that has, for decades, allowed the Palestinian community to resist and survive. Solidarity can be seen through a series of lenses that are all constructed initially with a common ground, The Social Question, which may help with some answers to the question: who do we want to be as a society?

What is covered? 

  • Individual/collective living space

  • working space

  • A grant of 500 USD

  • Project budget up to 2000 USD

  • Reimbursement of travel costs

  • Collaboration on the project development with a curator

  • Organising a customised programme of study visits in and outside Ramallah

  • Participation in the exhibition organized by Ramallah Municipality’s Mamarat (Paths) as part of Qalandyia International 2018

Ramallah Municipality curator will get in touch with the selected artists for consultation and follow up. The first residency will start on May 2018 as an introductory phase for research for 2 weeks. The second residency will take place by mid-September 2018, where the selected artists will work directly on the ground with the curator’s direct cooperation.

Mamarat will also arrange a symposium during Qalandia International 2018 in collaboration with Triangle Network, Gasworks, U-jazdowski – Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, AIR Antwerpen and HIAP - Helsinki International Artist Programme. 

Deadline: 1 April 2018

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