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The ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science welcomes applications from artists within all disciplines to develop the theme "Perspective through details" in connection to the science center in Lund for material studies.

The 4 week residency includes free accommodation and flights for 2 participating artists. 

ARNA is situated in an exiting area in the south of Sweden. Two visions are developed here, a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Vombsjösänkan and a grand scale science area at Brunnshög in Lund. The science facilities of MAX IV and ESS will study materials of everyday life in extreme details, from plastics and proteins to medicines and molecules. MAX IV was inaugurated 2016 and ESS is under construction. The research at the two facilities are expected to lead to breakthroughs in medicine, environmental science, climate, communication and transport. 

The two visions, of biosphere reserve and science area, have connecting points. Physically they meet just outside the city of Lund. Visionary they meet in the aim of working for a sustainable development in human service through collaboration and openness. Or, in short; the quest of many detailed studies for a greater understanding.

The ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science is developed through the theme "Perspective through details". A total of 5 artists will be involved, both through this call for applications and through invitations. One part of the project work together with 100 school kids. A film festival will present the project and work done in October 2018. The project ends in March 2019 in cooperation with the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University as part of the symposium "Environment and Nature".

Aim for the ARNA-project Art, Ecology & Science
The project study how art can connect the two visions, for a UNESCO biosphere reserve and the material studies at the science area of Brunnshög. The long term goal is to develop a permanent residency program for both. 

Aim for the residency period through this call
The residency period is developed together with Science Village Scandinavia. They are responsible for the development of the physical area between the two science facilities MAX IV and ESS are situated, including a future visitor center for science and culture. 

Two participating artists will for the very first time explore where the arts meet the science of material studies at a site where a UNESCO biosphere reserve meet science facilities. As in Art, Ecology & Science.

The theme to work through is "Perspective through details" and the question to discuss is "How can the Arts describe the very search for a greater understanding through the science of details?". 

Deadline: 16 April 2018

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