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The Institut français is launching the 2018 call for applications for its residency program at the Cité internationale des arts / Paris.

The program is aimed at foreign artists from all around the world who wish to pursue a research project in Paris during a minimum period of three consecutive months, and that are supported by one or more cultural partners.

These partners associated with the artist may be institutions of the French cultural network abroad (Institut français, Cultural Services of the French Embassies, and Alliance française) and / or French or foreign cultural structures (art centers, associations, multidisciplinary laboratories, galleries, museums, theaters, production centers for dance and circus, concert halls, festivals abroad, etc.).

This program is aimed at artists in every artistic discipline: Architecture/landscape/urbanism, street arts/circus/puppets, digital arts, visual arts, comics, cinema/movies/video, curating projects, dance/performances, design, literature, youth book, fine arts and crafts, modern music and jazz, classical and contemporary music, contemporary art performances, photography, theatre, musics for films and video games.

The Institut français in Paris provides artists with a studio-apartment at the Cité internationale des arts.The partner associated with the artist, in France or abroad, finances the artist's travel and / or living expenses and submits the artist's application.

Deadline: 29 September 2017

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Photo : © SofijaSilvia, photo atelier – Exposition/Open studio à la Cité internationale des arts, 30 juin 2017