Chronus Art Center (CAC) China > 2017 (Fall) Research and Creation fellowship 'Augmented virtuality''

This year Chronus Art Center (CAC) opens its Lab for the second 3-month research and creation fellowship. This programme is designed to host one international artist and researcher of extraordinary talents in the area of new media art in order to conduct research and creation at Chronus Art Center (CAC), Shanghai.

As augmented reality (AR) technologies grow in popularity, other fields of the MIXED REALITY space are lesser-known. AUGMENTED VIRTUALITY differs from AR in subtle forms, where AR introduces digital elements to a physical space augmented virtuality absorbs “real” elements into its virtual landscape. For this occasion, the LAB is seeking for project proposals which make use of our OPTITRACK real-time motion capture system (for more info please see: https://www.optitrack.com/). The submitted proposal should address the topic of AUGMENTED VIRTUALITY while utilizing this high end, research level MOCAP technology.

This Fellowship is a chance for international artists and researchers to engage and learn from the art, technological and entrepreneurial communities of Shanghai. The selected Fellow will be offered a total amount of USD$10,000 for a 3 month deep-immersion period; including artist fees, living expenses and materials. In addition our lab facilities and tools are available for the fellow's needs; these include but are not limited to: Laser-cutter, bandsaw, sander-belt, press drills, all sorts of hand tools, a variety of electronic components, arduinos, raspberryPis, an oculus rift DK2 headset, Surface Mount Infrared soldering, soldering irons and other prototyping tools.

Deadline: 10 August 2017

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