Open call for a guest dramaturg in Vooruit (Belgium)

Vooruit is a central platform in a dense network of artists and organizations from a variety of sectors, inspired by a turbulent world and an always evolving world of the arts. With a contemporary vision for the future, Vooruit strengthens the cross-pollination between the arts and the local and global communities.They serve as a welcoming meeting place and as a lab for development, production, presentation, participation and reflection. We keep building on a past of innovation and social engagement.

Vooruit imagines the role of the dramaturg as a mediator of the new, the other, the controversial, the difficult. The work of Vooruit’s dramaturg should thus be driven by a productive pleasure in the engagement with the unknown, intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for analysis, and the open discussion with and on the subjects of artistic projects.

Deadline: 28 July 2017

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