Apply for the VERTIGO artistic residencies programme

Are you an R&D ICT-Project coordinator or partner? Apply now and have the chance of hosting an Artistic Residency to boost your open innovation and the dissemination of your technology!

VERTIGO promotes the arts as catalysts for an efficient conversion of science and technology knowledge into products, services, and processes. To achieve this objective, VERTIGO is organizing and funding artist residencies in R&D projects in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

The artist will work with your ICT-Project and will contribute to the innovative aspects of the research undertaken within it by bringing an artistic perspective through artistic practices. Those practices should naturally lead to an original artwork based on the project technology featuring novel use-cases with a high potential for innovation. VERTIGO will also act as a platform to showcase produced works to the public and actors of innovation.


  • The project is funded through a public European or national program in the field of ICT;

  • It ends after February 2018;

  • It is fully committed to integrate the artist into the project organizational and collaborative framework;

  • It gives the artist access to technologies developed by the project;

  • It provides a basic working environment for the artist. Optionally: provides a technical infrastructure for hosting the artwork production process (otherwise will be supported by a Producer third party brought by the artist).

Deadline: 10 April 2017

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