Contemporary artistic creation in the digital age - Seminar (France)

This seminar is offered by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Secretariat, Division of Legal and International Affairs) within the framework of its visitor programmes, implemented by the Maison des Cultures du Monde. About fifteen experienced managers, directors and CEO working in the fields of art and culture and addressing digital issues in a context of creation will gather in Paris. This seminar is to understand what is at stake in terms of public policies behind digital content creation in the art and culture fields. The participants will get acquainted with the French context and expand their professional networks in France and in the countries of the other participants. Through presentations, round tables, professional meetings and visits, they will be able to share knowledge, practices and projects issues regarding contemporary artistic creation in the digital age. This seminar will be in English only.

This seminar is intended for high level English-speaking professionals from Europe, North and Latin America, Southern and Southeast Asia, the Far East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand (executive directors in cultural organizations, managers of cultural projects, heads of service and policy officers in local governments, local authorities or public organisations).

The Ministry of Culture and Communication will cover the costs for:

  • Instruction

  • Living expenses (accommodation and per diem)

  • Travel expenses in France (if required by the program)

  • Insurance

NB: The cost of the international transportation ticket is not included and must be covered either by the applicants, their employer, the Embassy of France or the Institut français in their home country, or any other institution.

Deadline: 13 April

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