European Commission Consultation > Your First EURES job (YFEJ) mobility scheme

This is a public online consultation on the Your First EURES job (YFEJ) mobility scheme and options for future EU measures on youth intra-EU labour mobility.

The consultation, available in the EU official languages, is open to all citizens and organisations of the European Economic Area (EEA), i.e. the EU-28 countries, Norway Iceland and Liechtenstein

This consultation is carried out in the framework of the ex-post evaluation of the "Your first EURES job" mobility scheme. The evaluation will also examine potential future policy options to support youth intra-EU labour mobility.

The objective of this consultation is to gather insights and contributions from EEA citizens, stakeholders and experts on the relevance of intra-EU labour mobility and the YFEJ job mobility scheme to tackle youth unemployment. It aims also at gathering views concerning the YFEJ ex-post evaluation questions (i.e. relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, complementarity and EU added value, sustainability, impact and organisation/governance of the action) and any possible developments for the future.

This consultation is particularly directed towards the following stakeholders:  

  • EU/EEA-level stakeholders: social partners, youth organisations (e.g. European Youth Forum), researchers/academics and think-tanks;

  • National level stakeholders: Ministries/regional authorities responsible for youth employment, employers (SMEs in particular), public and private employment services (including EURES and YFEJ implementers), national level social partners, researchers/academics and think-tanks, ESF Managing Authorities or Intermediary Bodies, national youth organisations and NGOs (i.e. members of the European Youth Forum);

  • Individuals: young people under 35;

Other EU/EEA and national stakeholders: training organisations, non-governmental organisations, municipalities, chambers of commerce, intermediary organisations managing national or EU-funded mobility programmes or schemes (e.g. Erasmus + National Agencies) and other individual citizens.

Deadline: 22 April

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