Internship opportunities in theatres in Germany

The German Centre of the International theater Institute and the Goethe-Institute are running an Internship Programme.

At present the programme is limited to young people from developing countries and Eastern Europe. The age limit is 40 years. Applicants should be directors, dramatic advisors, set designers, choreographers, or assistants in these areas in the theatre (including theatres for young audiences and music theatres). Critics, students, and theatre scholars are not eligible for the internship programme.

Application process:

Materials may be requested from the German ITI Centre or Goethe-Institute in the applicant's home country. Completed applications are sent to the Theatre department at the Goethe-Institut Headquarters in Germany or the German ITI Centre through the home institution. The ITI and Goethe-Institute consider the applications and make their detailed nominations in consultation with each other.

The ITI makes the final invitation and arranges the internship in the best possible accordance with the applicant's wishes. The ITI may also organize any needed preparatory training. Applications must be submitted and have reached the central office in Berlin (ITI) or Munich (Goethe-Institute) at least three months before the internship is to begin.

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