Delfina Foundation - Research Fellowship

Delfina Foundation is inviting applicants from India and the Arab world for the Research Fellowship 2014, which is in partnership with Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) and Goldsmiths College’s Department of Visual Cultures and the PhD Program in Curatorial/Knowledge.

The Research Fellowship 2014 aims to provide an opportunity for intensive research in the field of visual culture by curators and researchers who might benefit from the research and curatorial work that is being done by the fellowship's partner institutions in London. Priority will be given to ideas that can be reasonably developed during the three-month residency into a blueprint for a future project (e. g. publication, exhibition, etc.).  Artists are welcome to apply; however this residency is largely focused on the development of critical-curatorial discourse, not singularly artistic practice or projects.

The 2014 recipients will receive:

- A 12 week residency (from 23 September - 15 December 2014) in London, including one economy return flight to London, a bursary for per diems and basic living costs, and accommodation. 

- Access to attend Goldsmith’s post-graduate courses and the Curatorial/Knowledge seminars

- Access to the Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library and Archive

- An opportunity to assist with Iniva and Delfina Foundation’s programming

- Goldsmiths, Iniva and Delfina Foundation will provide an important platform to the recipient scholar to meet fellow research scholars, artists and a network of professionals in the field of contemporary art in London

Conditions for applicants:

- Living and working in India or the Arab world

- Preferred: Proven commitment/experience of curatorial work

- Practical experience will also be considered, although not mandatory

- Available during the autumn 2014 term and able to be released from employment or other academic involvement; additionally applicants must not take up other commitments and travel during the fellowship

- Proficient in English

Deadline for applications: 9 June.

Find all the details online.