Public consultation on taxation and mobility

The European Commission launched a public consultation and created an expert group in order to gather ideas on how to tackle any tax obstacles that hinder the cross-border activity of individuals in the Single Market.

The expert group will bring together stakeholders to look principally at elements of direct taxation that may affect an individual’s cross-border activity in the Single Market.

The public consultation covers tax problems which citizens who are active cross-border face and includes questions on problems that arise when individuals work or invest in other Member States, as well as questions on measures already in place in certain Member States to facilitate tax compliance. A topic of interest for mobile artists and cultural professionals as well!

Closing date for responses to the public consultation is 3rd July 2014 and the closing date for applications to participate in the Expert Group is 23 May 2014.

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A public consultation on Tax problems faced by EU citizens when active across borders within the EU 

A call for applications for an expert group on Removing tax problems facing individuals who are active across borders within the EU