"Elsewhere": Photoquai Residencies, Paris (France)

Simultaneously a museum, a cultural center, and a place for research and teaching, the musée du quai Branly was born from the political desire to highlight non-European cultures.The museum has taken on a dynamic, open proposition as its slogan: “where cultures meet in dialogue.” This idea is the driving force behind most of the Museum’s lines of action: cultural programming, disseminating and sharing knowledge and expertise with the cultures originating the collections, international cooperation, and making the collections available to others.

With a view towards the non-European contemporary creation, in particular in the plastic arts and photography from these four continents – Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas – the musée du quai Branly has implemented since 2008 an artistic creation subsidy program. Entitled “Les Résidences de Photoquai” (Photoquai’s Residencies, ex-‘artistic creation projects’), it is related to the Photoquai photo biennial. Every year, this program gives one or several non-European contemporary artists the chance to submit a creative project related to the mission of the musée du quai Branly, “where cultures meet in dialogue”, and coherent with a personal aesthetic path.

The photographic works created so far all contribute to a testimony of a different outlook on the world. For the artists, it is an out-of-place residency that can take them closer or further: some stayed in their own countries, others came to Paris or travelled to wherever it was they had chosen to execute their project. For the audience, it is yet another occasion to discover a personal artistic work, whilst receiving news about contemporary creation in the countries where the collections of the musée du quai Branly originated.

The project developed should be within the continuity of a personal artistic career. The “residency” doesn’t consist of a long-term stay in Paris, unless the artistic project is anchored in France. The program’s aim is to show “elsewhere seen from elsewhere”. “Elsewhere” can consist of a theme, a country, a people, an artifact, or part of the musée du quai Branly’s collections.

This call for applications concerns exclusively non European artists, and non-North American
artists, using the photographic image.The creation subsidy, in the amount of € 15,000, should allow the selected artist tosuccessfully complete a specific project in line with his current research and production. This amount integrates both the artistic fees (author’s rights) and the general expenses due to the residency costs in the countries of the artist’s choice.

Deadline: 31 May.

Find all details online.

This opportunity came via OTM member / The Asia-Europe Foundation and its cultural portal, culture360.Org.