Mondriaan Fund (The Netherlands) - Grant program for international contemporary art fairs

The Mondriaan Fund in Amsterdam has developed a new international grant program for international contemporary art fairs presenting artists from the Netherlands in special projects in their side program. With this support we hope to increase the international awareness and appreciation of significant contemporary art from the Netherlands.

International art fairs outside the Netherlands can apply for a distinctive presentation during the fair of existing work by artists from the Netherlands. We support the transport of work and insurance during transport, the rental of viewing equipment, and travel and accommodation for the artist. We also support the production of new work commissioned by art fairs for such presentations.

The proposals are judged with a view to the significance of the project for contemporary art in the Netherlands. The international significance of the art fair, the context of the project and the quality of the artist’s work are reviewed.

Deadline throughout the year (proposals to be sent at least one month before the art fair).

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