Benches for Europe! > Call for entries for European designers (Strasbourg, France)

Strasbourg is host to several art schools (including the lycée Le Corbusiert) and to many talents from all over Europe. It serves as a link between European capitals and the headquarters of European Institutions. The city is a pleasant place to live with beautiful architecture and historical monuments listed as UNESCO world heritage site. People take time to enjoy its parks, green areas, rivers, canals…

Europe needs to see that Strasbourg is a booming city and looking towards the future.The purpose of the contest is to associate modern design and Europe with the creativity, energy and quality of life in Strasbourg. Another purpose is to create a synergy effect among the 28 countries of the European Union by promoting some of its young artistic designers.

The 28 design pieces will be installed outdoor close to the European Institutions (on river banks, facing a park, a green area, in front of the Parliament, etc. ). Each piece will show some aspects of modern creation from the designer’s country of origin while bringing elegance, comfort and rich materials to blend into the city’senvironment.

A set amount of 5,000 € (five thousand euros) will be attributed to each designer by the association Strasbourg pour l’Europe and the city of Strasbourg, the sponsor. This amount covers expenses linked to the conception, production and transportation of the bench, various taxes and insurance fees, the designer’s retribution, travel, restaurant, hotel and other miscellaneous fees.

Deadline for applications (extended): 15 June. 

Find all details online in English, French, and German.