The future is not what is used to be, a three-day interdisciplinary conference organised by Trans Europe Halles, P60 and Melkweg (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be is a three-day, interdisciplinary working conference on new culture strategies (2-4 April 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The programme offers thought-provoking keynotes, hands-on workshops, in depth masterclasses and think tanks, all with an international character.

The conference provocatively questions what the prospects are for cultural organizations and organizers operating in a future of reduced resources and a changing European society. European cultural workers and artists from over 20 countries will discuss innovative solutions for issues such as: What are the current and developing organizational structures and to what extent will they meet the needs of the future? How can we increase knowledge exchange between the cultural, commercial and social sectors?

These and other key issues will form the basis for in-depth discussions, workshops and presentations. An artistic programme will complement the conference.

Find all details online (including the programme!) 

On the Move is a partner for this event together with VNPF, Live DMA and ACMC. It is powered by Engine Room Europe, a three-year project dedicated to independent cultural workers and their creative processes, and financed by the Culture Programme of the European Commission. The conference is supported by ECF and Gemeente Amstelveen.

On the Move will organise its General Assembly with its members on 2 April 2014, prior to this event.

Trans Europe Halles is a member of On the Move. Other On the Move members will be actively contributing in this event such as Trans Artists, IETM and RES ARTIS.