Second open call for interdisciplinary projects at Hangar (Barcelona, Spain)

This is an open call for participating in the second edition of Spring Sessions at Hangar art production and research center based in Barcelona (Spain). The Spring Sessions are intensive and interdisciplinary meetings between artists and other professionals for developing a specific part of a larger research project.

The Spring Sessions provide the opportunity to an artist to invite a professional from another discipline to work together in the development of part of a larger research project within the framework of a one month residency in Hangar. One participant will be based in Barcelona and the other somewhere else. The person based elsewhere will be able to live in Hangar’s guest house during the development of the residency (one month).

This year's edition seeks to support projects that address the issue of transferability in the ACT (Art, Science and Technology) field.

Eligible applicants and modalities:

Artists of all ages and nationalities that are carrying out a research project and:

- Option A: They are based in Barcelona and need to work during one month with someone from another discipline based in another city. This person will live in Hangar’s guest house during the developement of the residency(one month).

- Option B: They are based in a different city from Barcelona but need to work with a professiona from another discipline based in this city. In this case, the artist will live in Hangar’s guest house during the development of the residency(one month).


The duration of the residency will be five weeks in 2014, one between February and April and four during the month of June.

Covered cost (among others) before tax:

- Artist fee: 2.500 euros; Invited professional fee: 1.000 euros; Accommodation for one person in Hangar: 350 euros; Work space in Hangar: 150 euros; Production costs: 500 euros; Use of equipments; Technical advice, travel cost of up to 450 euros.

Deadline for applications: 31 January 2014.

Find all details online.