DeVos Institute's Summer Fellowships for International Arts Managers (USA)

Launched in 2008, the DeVos Institute's Summer Fellowship offers international arts managers an immersive programme of study in arts management strategy. For four weeks each summer, for three consecutive years, international Fellows participate in seminars, group projects, individual mentorships and practical assignments supervised by Institute faculty and the Kennedy Center senior staff. The Kennedy Center has hosted 76 Fellows in six classes from 42 countries. 

Applicant Criteria:

  • Minimum five years working experience in an administrative capacity an arts organization outside of North America
  • Currently serving as an executive or department head with decision-making authority
  • Excellent business English, orally and in writing
  • Able to commit to the full term of the Fellowship June 30–July 25, 2014; June 29–July 24, 2015; and June 27–July 22, 2016

The Fellowship includes:

  • Seminars and coursework in Strategic Planning, Board Development, Fundraising, Marketing, Artistic Planning
  • Individual advising from Institute faculty and Center senior staff
  • Air transportation to and from the US from the Fellows' home residence
  • Lodging during the Fellowship
  • Per diem to cover living expenses during the Fellowship
  • Visa sponsorship

Deadline for applications: 1 December.

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This opportunity came via IFACCA.