Allianz Cultural Foundation: Sponsorships

The Allianz Cultural Foundation addresses primarily exceptionally gifted young academics and artists in Europe. In particular, we support cooperative projects with involved partners from at least three countries. In addition to the required artistic, academic or respectively educational quality, the project application has to point out, that the participating project partners share the financial and thematic responsibility and cooperate at eye level.

Special attention is paid to projects, which enable long-term networks between the involved artists and project partners. Hence the Allianz Cultural Foundation only supports projects but no institutions. The Allianz Cultural Foundation focuses on particular regions within Europe. Aside from the countries of Central and South-eastern Europe the focal point of the next years lies on the Mediterranean area.

 The criteria for funding focus on contemporary concepts of every genre and media which prove new ideas in the arts, culture and education. The projects may also be workshops, whereas the active knowledge transfer and the exchange of experiences between the participants are valued just as the result itself. Furthermore, sponsored projects should on the long run appeal to a larger audience than only professionals.   

As a matter of principle, the Allianz Kulturstiftung only co-finances projects at maximum 50%, and never assumes full financing. 

 Deadline for applications: 31 March 2014 (for projects in 2015)

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