Impakt Critical Media Culture - Call for Curators

IMPAKT (foundation for critical media culture) in Utrecht (NL) invites interested parties to submit curatorial proposals for the 2013 Impakt Festival, which will take place from 30 October – 3 November focusing on the theme ‘Capitalism Catch 22′.

The Impakt Festival is the annual culmination of the activities of Impakt as an organisation that specialises in critical media culture: a multi-media festival with conferences, readings, performances, screenings, exhibitions, presentations and music.

The curatorial proposal can be submitted by curators individually or collectively and should revolve around this year’s theme:

CAPITALISM CATCH 22 (working title)

In order to qualify for selection, please send an e-mail to cc22[at]impakt[dot]nl enclosing a proposal document that features:

  • An overall concept clarifying your approach to and connection with the ‘Capitalism Catch 22′ theme.
  • An introduction to the various parts of the programme. This should include a realistic overview of the desired artists, speakers or guests featured in the various programmes and a brief explanation of the choices made in this respect. Lastly, we request documentation on the featured artists, through links to portfolios, writings, videos, resumes, etc.
  • A clear indication of the programmes’ parts compiled by the curator. If applicable, include a description of the programme parts for which the main curator chooses to work with external curators.
  • In the case you see possibilities to collaborate with (inter)national partners, share your ideas in a brief statement and elaborate on possible curatorial co-productions, exchanges, media partnerships, etc.
  • If a curator chooses to submit a concept for a seperate part of the programme (instead of an overall proposal), we expect to receive a clear indication on the programme elements that Impakt will have to find other curators for.
  • The resumes of the curator (and all additional or external curators)

Please note: Impakt will only take into consideration full proposals that address all the issues mentioned above and meet or respond to the above criteria.

Depending on the responses from potential candidates, Impakt may choose to work with an overall proposal from one curator or a team of curators that hand in a collaborative proposal. We may also choose to bring several curators together and combine the various proposals.

There is a budget for compiling the programme including artists’ and screening fees, travel and accommodation expenses, technical and building overheads. Curators will be paid a fee and will receive a research budget. Following an initial selection of proposals, the curators in question will be contacted about the financial details.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline: 18 March 2013

Shortlist Notification: 1 April 2013

Final Notification: 15 April 2013

Please check here for more information!