TANDEM – Cultural Managers Exchanges Turkey–European Union 2013–2014

Following hot on the heels of a successful Turkey–EU Tandem project that brought together 33 cultural managers from 23 different cities across the EU and Turkey in 2011-12, ECF is pleased to announce a new Tandem cultural managers exchange programme starting in 2013.

We are looking for 15 cultural managers from different EU countries and 15 cultural managers from Turkey to take part in this intensive year-long cross-cultural exchange project, which is designed to create new partnerships and to bring innovative creative projects to new audiences across Europe - laying the foundations for sustainable collaboration between cultural change-makers.

Are you interested in applying? Here’s how it works.      

Each manager works together in a “Tandem” to co-develop a cultural project, taking part in a work placement at each other’s organisation. Alongside these exchange visits, the entire Tandem group meets several times a year and receives capacity building support and arts management training from the programme organisers, as well as some project funding.

The creative projects that emerge from the collaboration lead to a wide range of newly-fused ideas and cross-border concepts: connecting virtual to non-virtual exhibitions, producing unique publications, creating collective exhibitions and putting on public-participatory performances.

The programme offers small grants of up to €5,500 for Tandem creative projects, as well as reimbursing travel and living expenses for the exchange visits, and shared learning sessions with experienced trainers.

Turkey – EU Tandem is co-devised by ECF with MitOst in partnership with Andolu Kultur. It was made possible by the generous support of Stiftung Mercator.

Deadline: 25 March.

Find all the details online.