SE.S.TA (Czech Republic) > Coaching residencies for choreographers 2018

Choreographers come to the residencies with their own projects which they want to develop during the stay in cooperation with an experienced artist ("coach"). The goal of the residence is neither the training of dancers, nor the aesthetic aspect of the expression, but gaining new points of view on one's own creative work, space and possibility to deepen one's individual elements or to seek new ways of expressing artistic intention. The whole residency has the form of a dialogue between choreographers and coaches who direct them.

What is offered:

Dance studio of sufficient capacity for their interpreters
Supervision of a professional coach: Jean Gaudin (FR), Tomeo Verges (ES) and Jean-Christophe Paré (FR)

Peer-to-peer cooperation with other choreographers

Constructive discussion and feedback
Conferences and lectures by experts from various fields
DVD records of the work of progress
Meeting with the audience
International networking
Sharing know-how and possibilities leading to actual results
Half of the Travel costs covered in Europe and internationally
Help with finding an affordable accommodation (as accommodation is not covered. There is also a 150 euros contribution fee for the workshop)

Deadline: 13 May 2018

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