Cooperation in the Nordic Region supported by the Nordic Cultural Fund

The Fund supports projects that involve at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden or the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland). The nature of the involvement may be as a participant, organiser or as a theme.
In addition to the three Nordic partners, projects may involve other partners both within the Region and beyond, and it may be run either inside the Region or elsewhere. Amateurs as well as professionals are eligible to apply for funding.

New funding rules!
When applying for a grant above 100,000 DKK you can only apply for a maximum of half (50%) of the project´s total budget. Applications under 100,000 DKK can apply for a maximum of 85% of a project’s total costs as usual. Applicants are allowed to seek support from both the Culture Fund and other Nordic funding bodies. The maximum contribution from Nordic sources may not exceed 85%.

The Fund supports: architecture and design, painting, dance, film, literature, museums and cultural heritage, music and musical theatre, nordic languages and language policy, theatre, professional and amateur projects, projects in the nordic region and beyond, conferences and seminars, concerts, tours, exhibitions, festival, book publications, maximum three times in a row for the same project three participating countries (see exception for two countries only).

Exceptions to the three-country rule – two countries only:
Bilateral co-operation projects between the East and West Nordic Regions. In other words, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Åland or Norway co-operates with Greenland, the Faroe Islands or Iceland.
Non-Nordic countries cannot be included. The Fund does not support bilateral projects within the Kingdom of Denmark (between Denmark and the Faroe Islands or Greenland).

Nordic synergy
For a project to receive funding, it must be deemed to generate Nordic synergy. In other words, the co-operation must endow the activity with an extra dimension compared to a national project. The Fund’s grants are mainly intended to cover the extra costs that Nordic co-operation entails.

Deadlines: 1 February, 2 April, 1 September and 1 October.

Please check the guidelines and conditions here.