IETM spring meeting in Dublin (Ireland) - call for proposals on the theme of TRUST

Project Arts Centre and the local IETM Dublin 2013 team are inviting proposals from performing arts professionals living and working on the island of Ireland across both the content and artistic programmes of the IETM Spring Plenary meeting in Dublin. The IETM Dublin 2013 production team are Cian O’Brien (Artistic Director, Project Arts Centre), Lian Bell (Producer, IETM Dublin 2013), Niamh O’Donnell (General Manager, Project Arts Centre), Amy O’Hanlon (Administrator & Planner, IETM Dublin 2013) and Kate Heffernan (Logistics Manager, IETM Dublin 2013).

Each Plenary is centred on a loose theme, and the theme for IETM Dublin 2013 is ‘Trust’ – at all levels, from the relationships between artistic collaborators, funders and audience, right up to the relationships between government, society and individual citizens.

As European society changes, whether it is recession, austerity cuts, clerical abuse or the rise of fascism, how do we, as citizens, trust those in authority? How do we as artists, curators, producers and consumers of culture trust one another and the structures built to support our work? How do our audiences learn to trust us, to support the development of new types of work and models of presentation? How has the swift advance of technology changed the way we relate to one another? Has it impacted on our ability to trust one another?

It is trust that creates the conditions for any change to occur; it is trust that binds communities; it is trust that allows any sense of democracy to exist. Without it, without the values that will allow trust in our fellow humans to be strong again, it will be impossible for us to get out of the critical state in which we find ourselves now.

Within the artistic programme we are inviting proposals which will create opportunities for Irish artists and makers to engage with their peers from across the IETM membership of 500 organisations and individuals from 50 different countries. IETM is not a marketplace to sell shows but rather an opportunity to introduce the working practices as well as social and cultural environments of Irish artists to international performing arts professionals. We are NOT inviting proposals for full productions.

As an artist or arts worker, think about what the (dynamic, spacial, atmospheric, artistic) conditions are that you would like and need to build trust with these visitors, and to have an honest discourse about the reality of your work. Think about the theme of Trust and how it may (or may not) connect with your own practice, or how you talk about work. Think about your artistic aspirations, your hopes and fears for the future, and how you might introduce them to, and discuss them with, your peers.

Deadline: 4 December.

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