Gyeonggi Creation Center (Korea) residency program 2013 - call for artists, researchers, curators and critics

Application Field: 

Creation residency Program

• Visual arts: painting, sculpture, film/video, new media, architecture, design, photo

• Performing arts: dance, music, performance

• Literature

- Allowed to apply for mixed media and other genres not shown above.

- Research residency Program

• Curator, performing arts presenter, critic, researcher of other areas


Residency Scope and Period

- Creation residency Program: 30 persons/teams approximately

• Korean: 6 months or 1 year.

• Foreigners: 3 months.

- Research residency Program: 4 persons/teams approximately

• Korean: 6 months 

• Foreigners: 3 months 


Support details 

- Support on space

- Support on program (incl. opportunities to participate in international exchange programs)

- Other support (incl. return flight ticket (economy seat) for foreign residents and Korean residents working/living abroad)


Qualification and Restrictions

- No restrictions on nationality, age, and media

- Compliance with user rules and to actively participate in GCC programs

- Using the studio for more than four days a week

- Permitted to reside with one companion (required to notify beforehand)

- No pets and babies are allowed


Deadline for applications: 14 December.

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