New Commonwealth Foundation grants programme for civil society organisations!

We give a million pounds each year in grant funding. Our new grant programme will contribute to sustainable development in the context of effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation. The programme will broker knowledge and ideas. It will support innovation, share replicable and sustainable models, and promote good practice across the participatory governance sector.

The objectives of the new grant programme are:

• To deliver an efficient and effective programme which is responsive to the development needs of CSOs across the Commonwealth.

• To complement the effectiveness of the Foundation’s projects by providing grants to CSOs beyond those supported through the projects.

• To generate knowledge and understanding of participatory governance and its benefits in promoting effective, responsive and accountable governance within the Commonwealth by supporting models of good practice.

At a glance:

• The Foundation will give grants to fund activities or projects of registered CSOs

• Beneficiaries will be from a Commonwealth Foundation member country

• Grants will be up to £30,000 per year

• Grants are available for multi-year funding (up to three years)

• Grant applicants are encouraged to show clear evidence of counterpart resourcing.

• Up to 10% of the total grant will fund a monitoring, evaluation and learning element

• Up to 15% of the total grant will fund indirect and overhead costs.

The grants programme has two grant streams which support two outcome areas:

1. Enhanced capacity of CSOs to collaborate with each other and engage in participatory governance

2. Increased collaboration and learning between CSOs and institutions in governance

 The grants programme will be particularly supportive of proposals that mainstream the Foundation's cross-cutting outcome areas in their project design:

• Gender equality

• Environmental sustainability

• Cultural respect and understanding

Applications open on 3 December 2012, deadline is 31 January 2013.

Find out all the details online!