Call for Proposals: Strengthening Civil Society Through Arts & Culture

The Open Society Arts and Culture Program works at the nexus of arts, culture, human rights, and social advocacy. Through its grant program, the program strives to encourage broad-based critical reflection and catalyze social action in parts of the world where open societies are absent or weak, and where the cultural rights of minority groups are endangered.  

The aim of this call for proposals is to strengthen alternative and autonomous cultural infrastructures and innovative arts initiatives, to raise professional standards in the art world in the Arts and Culture Program’s regions of activity, and to promote reform in the arena of cultural policy. 

Eligible Projects: Projects that aim to draw on the power of culture to help build open societies in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Moldova, Mongolia, and Turkey, and that involve one of the following activities:  

1. Cultural production 

2. Creating or strengthening cultural platforms 

3. Professional development and capacity-building 

The grants typically range between $1,000 and $30,000. Travel expenses are among the eligible costs.

Projects in Central Asia may be co-funded with Hivos (Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries) on a 50-50 matching basis. For Central Asia only, institutional support grants of up to $73,000 (equivalent to €50,000) annually are available for distinguished past grantees through a matching grant program with Hivos. 

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis through July 31, 2013. 

For detailed information about the eligible countries and activities, please view Open Society Foundations' website.