Residency Diogene Bivaccourbano - Turin (Italy)

The Diogene group of artists is promoting the international competition “Diogene Bivaccourbano”, open to Italian and foreign artists. The residency proposes a brand new approach to art. The residency also intends to stimulate dialogue among artists, with the focus on in-depth comprehension of the poetic artistic work.

The “Diogene Bivaccourbano” Residency project is the result of a joint effort by a group of artists. They share their ideas concerning the relationship between art and society, the role of the artist, and art as a form of knowledge. They also make themselves available to other artists, thus activating a shared collaboration with them. 

The competition is open to all artists currently working in the specific sector of visual arts, without restrictions of approach or medium.

The “Diogene Bivaccourbano” program is characterized by the peculiar location of the residency. The artist selected will in fact be hosted in an old carriage, the Bivouac, from the city’s public transports agency, located in a green roundabout in Turin. The Bivouac, restored by Diogene’s members, is assembled from left over materials and is equipped with a survival kit in order to become the artist’s living and working environment. The arrangement allows the artist to experience a new and powerful interaction between the urban environment and its community.

The residency will be hosted by the city of Torino between September 1st and October 31 2012, for a period of 4 to 8 weeks according to the needs of the selected artist.

During the residency period the Diogene group will organize meetings with critics, researchers and others involved in contemporary art, giving the artist in residency the chance to present his or her works as well as the project(s) developed in Turin.

There will be one or more days in which the artist open studio to the general public who can meet and talk with him.

Besides these opportunities, this year there will be the possibility to use a space, very close to the roundabout of the tram Diogene, which could be a workshop or an exhibition place.

Financial conditions:

For artist 2.000 euros Expenses:

2.000 euros (maximum) – Production expenses for a project or projects to be developed during the residency.

250 euros/week – living expenses (maximum 1.500 euros total). Travel expenses support.

Deadline for application: 20 May.

Find all the details online.