Four Scholarships for professional directors - Shakespeare Performance Project

IUGTE has announced the competition for four theatre directors for participation in the Shakespeare Performance Project for Directors

The programme is designed for directors with professional stage experience working in various genres, techniques and styles. 

The programme includes the introductory course in Italy, the preparatory long-distance tasks by email correspondence and the six-week period of performance creation in Russia - in a Russian repertory theatre, together with Russian actors and performers from different countries. 

Participants will become acquainted with the key principles of a director's preparation under Ostrenko Method, which is formed and inspired by the Russian Theatre Tradition. The programme focuses on gaining the necessary practical tools in order to create a performance: analysis of the material and composition of the performance idea, composition of the form and the artistic space of the performance, development of a directing strategy, of a method of work with the actors and of a successful rehearsals planning. The understanding of the basic principles of a methodological directing approach concerns any genre, whether it is a drama performance, dance performance, physical theatre performance or musical theatre. Participants will also acquire an informed experience, knowledge and understanding of the work of the professional director with key collaborators such as stage designer, choreographer, composer and other members of the production team. 

Introductory Course in Italy: May 21 - 25, 2012.
Performance creation in Russia:
Group I: August 20 - October 12, 2012. 
Group II: October 17 - November 28, 2012.

IUGTE Shakespeare Project is a wonderful chance to improve skills, to find collaborators and partners for future creative work and gain new experience of creative collaboration in a multicultural and multilingual theatre environment!

The organizers will provide the rehearsal space and the technical support necessary in the creation process of the performance.

The course languages are English and Russian.  

The course participation fee is 5700 EUR. 

There are four scholarships available supported by ArtUniverse. Each scholarship amount is 3900 EUR and covers the part of the course fee.

The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the candidates background, individual experience, qualifications, as well as professional skills, communication and creativity showed during the Introductory Course. The priority will be given to those candidates who will be able to show their reliability to participate in the international performance project and their ability to lead a group of performers.

Find out all the details on IUGTE's website.