Call for visual artists by NOASS (Riga)

As part of the Engine Room Europe programme European Artist Residencies (EAR), Culture and Arts Projects NOASS (Riga, Latvia) invites visual artists to offer their ideas for the creation of art works in an urban environment.

Artists from all TEH Member centres and Friend organisations are invited to join the project. One of the artistic elements that should be used is water.

The proposals will be judged by a group of experts selected by Culture and Arts Project NOASS. The applications will be judged taking into account the artist’s talent, compelling flight of imagination and audacity into particular consideration. Priority will be given to proposals for artworks, which can have a practical realization in an urban environment. However, proposals for projects that visualize ostensibly utopic ideas, which cannot be realized due to technological limitations, will also be supported and exhibited at the BETANOVUSS and NOASS galleries in the premises of Riga´s City Council, as well as in an artists´ residency, situated in Andrejsala. The competition results will be announced in May 2012.

Due to the fact that the creation and assembly of the artwork requires time and technical resources, artists will be invited to arrive in Riga where European Artist Residencies and a creative workshop will take place in one of Riga’s most attractive art districts – Andrejsala. Artists and artists’ groups from various European countries, including Latvia, will participate in the creation of the artworks. One of the artistic elements that will be used will be water. From 2012 till 2013, the artists will create their masterpieces for the final exhibition/event, which will be presented at TEH Meeting 75 in Riga.

The deadline for proposals is April 1st, 2012.

Find out all details on Trans Europe Halls website.