Center for Artistic Activism seeks Part Time Non-Profit Manager

The Center for Artistic Activism is looking to add a part-time manager to its small team. They are a research and training organisation devoted to to exploring, analysing, and strengthening connections between social activism and artistic practice.

In the past seven years they have trained over 500 activists and artists in a dozen countries, from sex workers in South Africa to undocumented youth immigration activists in South Texas, from Russian dissident artists to art students in NYC public schools. They do research into best practices, and have developed resources like digital databases and public podcasts to help make more creative activists and more effective artists. In the next five years they are hoping to expand reach of the C4AA philosophy and practice to wider audiences, and in new ways.

This position is ideal for someone who enjoys managing everyday administrative work, while helping take a new organization to the next level, and can thrive independently within a flexible work schedule. The C4AA does not keep an office and there are currently no other employees, so applicants need to be comfortable covering a range of duties, working remotely and under their own initiative. Living in the New York area is not required, but preferred.

C4AA begin reviewing applications Oct 6. Position will remain open until filled.

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