Open Call for a Residency / Language Plus (Québec)

Demystifying contemporary art by building bridges between creation and human dialogue is a strategy aiming to broaden the public’s sensitivity to art.The artistic residency will be inspired by art and life, will be rooted in the community and its development and will develop through observation and collaboration, in communion with a group from Alma’s local or regional community. The experience will be both sensitive and instructive, will bring together different perspectives, its approach will be unique and its results varied. .

We seek to democratise art by progressive development of closer bonds between the artist and the urban or rural communities (from Quebec, native and multi-cultural) in order to fulfill the objective of trying to integrate art into daily life, so that it may become a creative force in localities that are far away from the large metropolis. The project may be distributed by Langage Plus as a fitting response to the intercultural challenge and a celebration uniting varied cultures..

Spring : May 4 to June 26 2015 - Summer : July 6 to August 28, 2015 - Fall : September 14 to November 6, 2015.

Deadline: 5 December

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