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At the turn of the 20th century, early filmmakers used stop-motion techniques to bring a sequence of still images to life on screen, astonishing audiences with the fantastical new medium. Throughout the history of film, new technologies have continued to revolutionize the way we make and watch films. The 8th edition of Talents Durban aims to identify the compelling new voices of emerging African filmmakers and invites them to re-invent the approach to making films on the continent. With this, the idea of Start-Motion is born. It is how we bring together the knowledge of traditional practices, combined with the latest techniques, to create momentum for emerging African filmmakers to harness and use to fuel progress in our global society. Furthermore, the approach highlights changes in the current mode of storytelling in Africa, encouraging filmmakers on the continent to share their stories through their own cultural, economic and political lenses.

With access to screenings throughout the festival and through participating in conversations with experts from around the world, Talents Durban seeks to boost the already rising flow of current filmmaking in Africa.  The 8th Talents Durban programme will consist of master classes lead by leading experts in filmmaking, panel discussions by the key industry players, networking opportunities with fellow Talents Durban participants and over 600 delegates of the Durban International Film Festival and Durban FilmMart as well numerous project orientated skills development programmes. Combined these elements will set off a chain reaction of perpetual motion in the contemporary African film industry that will continue to expand and thrive.

Talents Durban will take place form 17 – 21 July as part of the 36th Durban International Film Festival (16 – 26 July). The 40 selected participants from all over Africa will be given a chance to forge relationships with their global counterparts in an intensive programme of seminars, hands-on training, workshops and industry networking activities, as well as having access to hundreds of film screenings at the 36th DIFF.

Travel costs, accommodation on a shared room basis by gender, and a subsistence contribution will be offered to participants, determined on an individual basis and at the discretion of the Talents Durban.

Deadline: 13 April

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