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Delfina Foundation (UK) > Call for expression of interest > Art, Science and Technology

Delfina Foundation is preparing to launch a new thematic programme in 2019 to bring together shared interests and concerns in the fields of art, science and technology. This new theme will initially underline some of Delfina's activities from January 2019 and build towards a concentrated programme of events, projects and exhibitions in autumn 2019, interrelated with residencies. In advance of this launch they are issuing an open call inviting expressions of interest from artists and thinkers who work in the area: on projects that cross art, science, and technology. From the responses they will be selecting projects and practitioners to engage with and support through residencies, collaborations and commissions, as well as to inform our new thematic programme over 2019 and beyond. Deadline: 13 September 2018.

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Open call > Regards d’artistes sur l’Union - Visual Arts (France)

The Groupe A – Coopérative Culturelle launches an open call to present art works that will take part to an exhibition planned from November to December at the « Champs Libre », the third place of the Union eco-neighbourhood in Roubaix, Tourcoing and Wattrelos (France), as part of the project Regards d’artistes sur l’Union (R.A.U). Eligible works of art are: Painting, sculpture, drawing, models, video, installation, photography, graphic design, numerical arts, sound arts. International artists should respond to to one the themes of the project (urban renovation, industrial renovation, ecology, architecture, places’ memory, urban art, town planning, eco-neighbourhood). Deadline: 4 October 2018.

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Open call: Art and Migration

This PARSE research trajectory focuses on these complex entanglements and confrontations of human mobility (especially that of migrants and refugees) with states and the proliferation of market-based actors (from “smugglers” to private security enterprises), and how these encounters both facilitate and restrict the mobilities of people and their knowledge and values. The editors welcome contributions exploring the embodied, affective, performative, material, visual, and spatial politics of cross-border human mobilities, through arts/design as well as other disciplines and practices. Deadline: 13 October 2018.

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Creature: Passerelle: Ile de France - Méditerranée

Le programme de mobilité internationale Passerelle Méditerranée - Île-de-France a été mis en place afin de propager la culture en dépassant les frontières géographiques et sociales. Ce programme s'adresse à tout·e entrepreneur·e âgé·e de 18 à 30 ans dont le projet porte sur les arts et la culture tout en insufflant une nouvelle dimension à son projet grâce à la confrontation de ses idées avec un·e homologue étranger·e. Parmi les conditions d'éligibilité: résider dans l'un des pays/régions suivants: France (Île-de-France) | Maroc | Tunisie | Algérie | Liban | Jordanie. Candidatures possibles jusqu'au 1er septembre 2018.

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Programme EYE : Marionnettiste cherche compagnie en France

Le programme Erasmus pour les Jeunes Entrepreneurs (EYE), proposé par la Commission Européenne, permet aux nouveaux entrepreneurs et créateurs d’entreprises de partir dans un autre pays européen pendant quelques mois afin de gagner en compétences dans leur métier avant de revenir s’installer dans leur pays. Durant l’intégralité de l’échange, le programme EYE couvre les frais du nouvel entrepreneur. Actuellement, EYE recherche une compagnie de théâtre de marionnettes pour accueillir en France, durant deux mois, Sabela Martinez. Cette dernière souhaite apprendre des nouvelles techniques et spectacles, ainsi que participer aux tâches créatives, administratives ou de diffusion. Date limite : 1er septembre 2018.

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Host an Artist

Découvrez la plate-forme 'Host an Artist', une nouvelle manière de concevoir les résidences d'artistes. Discover the 'Host an Artist' platform, a new way to conceive artists' residencies.

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World Cultures Connect, a new international networking platform for the cultural and creative sectors

World Cultures Connect is an online meeting place for cultural managers and creative or artistic professionals to promote their work and services, discover and connect with new partners, tools and resources to support their international work. This newly launched project allows any individual or organisation to create a free profile to join a community of international artists and organisations talking about artistic exchange, global mobility and new opportunities. Join today and start connecting!

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89plus Project > Open call

89plus is calling for artists, writers, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, scientists and technologists. Please submit as soon as possible to be considered for the various upcoming events and projects.

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Eurodyssey exchange programme > Traineeship placement

Eurodyssey is an exchange programme of the Assembly of European Regions (AER) which allows young job seekers aged between 18 and 30 to benefit from a traineeship placement abroad for a period between three to seven months. Check the details online!

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Euro-Arab Network for Contemporary Dance and Performance > call for interns (International project management and communication), Berlin (Germany)

Interns gain invaluable experience from working for an international network in the field of contemporary dance and performance that operates both in Europe, the Arab World and the Mediterranean since 1998. Available positions: 1 to 3 per year starting from June 2014 onwards.

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Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin (Germany) - Internships opportunities

The ICD invites applications from individuals who are coming from the following fields: International Relations & Politics, Languages & Literature, History & Philosophy, Marketing & PR, Business & Economics, Statistics, Communication& Journalism, Administration, English, Spanish and Event Management. Find all details online to apply.

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Internship opportunities at the Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development is looking for interns particularly in the fields of grants and collaborations, awards, communication and fundraising and cultural emergency responses.

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