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Garden of Peace > Call for proposals

The Peace Gardens project consists in creating around fifteen perennial gardens in 2018 on the theme of peace in the Hauts-de-France region. This new memory trail will pay tribute to the countless deaths on French soil between 1914 and 1918, and bear witness to the number and diversity of the countries involved in this conflict. This project is initiated by the Association Art & gardens – Hauts-de-France and by the First World War Centenary Partnership Program. There are different calls related to the countries of applicant landscapers and architects: Australia, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland, Morocco, France, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Deadline: 21 April 2018.

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Programme franco-finlandais pour le cirque

Crée en 2018, le programme franco-finlandais pour le cirque est un projet pilote qui offre une bourse de voyage et de production destinée aux compagnies de cirque en tournée en Suède. Il est créé et soutenu par l’Institut finlandais de Suède et l’Institut français de Suède. Ce programme est voué à soutenir les nombreuses compagnies de cirque composées d’artistes de cirque français et finlandais, enregistrées en France et en Finlande et / ou comprenant des artistes et musiciens de cirque français et finlandais dans le cadre de leurs créations ou de leurs représentations. Date limite : 2 avril 2018.

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Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Culture Resource) > Open call for projects and initiatives in the framework of cultural policy

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Culture Resource) announces an open call for projects that aim to develop or change cultural policies on the local or regional levels in the Arab region. The call is open for projects within the following themes: Freedom of expression and cultural rights, Laws and legislations related to the field of arts and culture, Accessibility of culture to wider audiences in Arab countries and Civil society and professional organization of artists and cultural groups. Deadline: 12 April 2018.

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Hermès Foundation > New Settings > An international programme dedicated to the performing arts

With New Settings, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports each year the creation and diffusion of new performance works. The chosen projects all feature crossovers of some kind or another: playing on the porosity of the boundary between performing arts and visual arts, their creators experiment with original and unusual forms. Deadline: 1 July 2018.

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Call for Proposals for Grant Scheme for EU-Turkey Intercultural Dialogue (ICD)

The Grant Scheme for Turkey-EU Intercultural Dialogue (ICD), targeting at enhancement of intercultural dialogue between civil societies in Turkey and Europe in the area of culture and art, along with collaboration, development and implementation of long term multinational / multilateral joint cultural initiatives and communication and promotion activities, has been announced on 20 February 2018. Thematic areas that can be covered by the projects are music and opera; theatre and performing arts; plastic and visual arts; graphic arts; arts in public space; traditional arts; digital arts; literature; urban culture; cinema, documentary, animation; architecture; folk culture; cultural diplomacy; history. Deadline: 10 April 2018.

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UNESCO > 9th International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) is a multi-donor fund, established by the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) to support its implementation in developing countries. Since 2010, the IFCD has been providing nearly 7 million USD in funding for close to 100 projects in more than 50 developing countries, covering a wide range of areas. Deadline: 16 April 2018.

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UNESCO > U40 Empowered: Women entrepreneurs powering the digital creative industries

U40 Empowered is a special call to expand the IFCD’s actions to support young women entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries. This initiative is made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Sabrina Ho, a rising young cultural entrepreneur and philanthropist. “U40 Empowered” supports projects from national and international NGOs from developing countries that are Parties to the 2005 Convention. Deadline: 16 April 2018.

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Organisation and administration of the EU prize for popular and contemporary music

The purpose of this call for proposals is to select and support an organisation and/or a consortium in organising and administering the European Union Prize for popular and contemporary music for the period 2018-2021 (editions 2019, 2020 and 2021 of the Prize). The call is about to support emerging artists and to promote and celebrate popular and contemporary European repertoire. Deadline: 21 April 2018.

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UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) > Open call for young writers

2019 marks the 90th Anniversary of the creation of UNIMA. To honour this date, UNIMA is holding an open competition for young writers interested in authoring a script or concept for the puppet theatre that will be performed as part of the UNIMA 90th Anniversary celebrations. UNIMA is in search of a special script/concept for the puppet theatre. This creation will be workshopped into four distinct productions that will be performed in four separate geographical regions of the world: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. Deadline: 15 April 2018.

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Council of the Baltic Sea States > Call for culture related projects

Regional Identity is a long-term priority of CBSS aiming to develop and foster the concept of a belonging to the Baltic Sea Region through engagement, dialogue, people-to-people contacts, networks and multilevel governance. The Council would like to see projects that focus on either one or all of the following: culture, education, children and youth. The project proposals may be initiated by individuals, groups, organisations, institutions, associations and companies in the CBSS Member states, as well as CBSS Expert Groups and CBSS Networks. Deadline: 31 March 2018.

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Plovdiv 2019 (Bulgaria) > Open call for small projects > Events and community participation

Plovdiv 2019 is announcing an Open Call for cultural organisations, independent curators and artists from Bulgaria and abroad, aiming to stimulate their participation and contribution to the programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. The call aims to support the implementation of small projects, to stimulate community participation, to attract and develop cultural activities in neighborhoods and alternative spaces in Plovdiv. Deadline: 6 April 2018.

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USArtists International

USArtists International supports performances by U.S. artists at important cultural festivals and arts marketplaces around the globe. Committed to the presence of U.S. based artists on world stages, USArtists International provides grants to ensembles and individual performers in dance, music and theatre invited to perform at significant international festivals and performing arts markets. Deadlines: 1 December 2017 and 5 April 2018.

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TURN – Fund for Artistic Cooperation between Germany and African Countries

In 2012, the Federal Cultural Foundation established the TURN – Fund for Artistic Cooperation between Germany and African Countries in order to encourage a wide range of German institutions to shift their focus on the artistic production and cultural debates in African countries.In order to respond to the continued interest in these joint projects, the Federal Cultural Foundation has extended the programme with additional funding until 2021 (originally scheduled to end in April 2020). Deadline: 31 March 2018.

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Goethe-Institut > International Coproduction Fund

This funding is intended for coproductions by artists in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art, in which hybrid and interdisciplinary formats and the use of digital media may be key components.Preference will be given to projects between German and non-European partners, particularly from transition countries. Deadlines: for 2017: April 30, 2017 and for 2018: October 30, 2017 and April 30, 2018.

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Institute of International Education (USA) > New programme to assist threatened artists

The Institute of International Education announced on 26 May the launch of a programme to save the lives and work of artists who face persecution in their home countries. The new Artist Protection Fund (APF), a three-year pilot programme supported by a $2.79 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will make life-saving fellowship grants to threatened artists from any field of artistic endeavor, and place them at host universities and arts centers in countries where they can safely continue their work and plan for their future.

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