S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme (Germany, Austria, France)

Computer image and photo showing sea life.

S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme, an initiative promoting ecologically conscious and human-compatible digital technology, is calling for artists.

The S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Programme offers selected artists the opportunity to participate in a 13-month residency starting from December 2024. During the residency, artists will receive funding, guidance, access to experts, and participation in various events aimed at accelerating the impact of their projects.

This open call offers 10 residency opportunities hosted in Germany, Austria, and France. Each Residency Host Institution has defined specific challenges in collaboration with the S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Consortium. Artists are invited to submit project proposals that respond to these challenges, addressing various areas of innovation, including the following:

  • Data Simulation & Visualisation
  • High-Performance Computing
  • (Urban) Digital Twins
  • Clean Tech/Circular Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio and Life Sciences & Medical Technologies

Applicants must be individual artists, collectives, or self-employed individuals engaged in artistic activities. They must also be citizens or permanent residents of eligible countries, which include the Member States of the European Union, its Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT), or Associated Countries to Horizon Europe.

What is offered:

  • Up to 40.000 EUR budget for artists residencies;
  • Guidance and support by the S+T+ARTS EC(H)O Residency Host Institutions;
  • Access to experts provided by the STARTS EC(H)O Consortium;
  • An incubation programme to support the residency teams in kickstarting the pilots and nurturing them to accelerate their impact. The program will consist of 8-10 shared training and peer exchange sessions throughout the piloting period, about 24 overall hours of individual mentoring (support by email included) according to artists’ needs, and a STARTS impact accelerator workshop at the end of the residency cycle;
  • An impact assessment to evaluate the potential impact of the new and innovative ideas, scenarios and prototypes developed.

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