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Roberto Cimetta Fund: General Fund for Cultural and Artistic Mobility

Roberto Cimetta Fund

In the framework of its mission to support mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund allocates on demand mobility grants, to meet the needs of cultural professionals and artists in the Mediterranean.

Aiming at promoting inclusive mobility, the Roberto Cimetta Fund gives priority to candidates with little access to mobility and/or who are poorly inserted into international cultural circuits. This call for applications for a travel grant is thus dedicated to women artists and cultural professionals from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, who are willing to travel within the southern Mediterranean region for south-south mobility (North Africa and the Middle East). The mobility must be completed before September 2023.

The purpose of the mobility must be one of the following:

  • Preparation of a professional level project.
  • Participation in a research or creation residency.
  • Presence at a meeting of artists or professionals with the objective of networking between cultural, artistic and development actors.
  • Artistic and professional training/education (internships, masterclasses, exchanges, study trips) or participation as a speaker or a trainer.
  • Attendance at debates, conferences, seminars.

A lump sum will be awarded to the winners: between 500€ and 700€ per grant, allowing cover (at least partially) for the costs related to mobility in general: tickets, visas, accommodation, etc. This call will deliver between 12 and 20 grants. Grants will be allocated after the trip, upon presentation of supporting documents, a written report, and visuals.


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