Meetphool is a professional platform where members of the performing arts sector can showcase their work, share professional expertise and build collaborations.

Meetphool aims to improve the artistic quality of the performing arts by providing an easy to use tool for everyone within the sector to contribute to building a true, active sense of community surpassing boundaries and borders.

Meetphool….What’s in a name?

The fool is a theatrical character with resonances through all folk traditions, from Shakespeare’s fool to the Aragoz, shadow puppets, commedia dell’arte, mime and clown. The fool is the be all and know all. In Arabic, meet fool means one hundred little fava beans, a traditional dish of Egypt, where the idea for meetphool.net was born. Meet is also a little community ... So join meetphool .net and meet your fellow fools – the wise, the funny, the revolutionary, the sober, the eccentric and the witty – who work together to make great performances wherever they may be.

Why become a member of Meetphool.net? Meetphool helps its members to:




Meetphool est une plateforme professionnelle qui permet aux artistes et professionnels de l'art du spectacle de présenter leurs créations, de partager leurs expériences et de favoriser leur collaboration.

Meetphool englobe l'intégralité du secteur des métiers du spectacle, et sa facilité d'utilisation permettra aux professionnels issus d'horizons différents d'établir une communauté au-delà de toutes frontières géographiques.

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