Enclave Land Art > Open Call for a Land Art Work in Carraixet, Valencia Region (Spain)

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Tourism of Carraixet, with the support of Diputació of Valencia and the artistic management of Enclave Land Art, has launched an open call for the creation of a Land Art artwork which will promote and support sustainable actions around seven villages of a grouping of municipalities of Carraixet in Valencia Region.

The idea is to propose a Land Artwork which considers the essential points of the territory – beyond hegemonic cartographies – and which evokes a centre point according to Valencia’s identity. (There is a more detailed description of the concept in the full brief.)

The call is open to artists and to visual and Land Art collectives of the Spanish and international territory who can present a proposal that demonstrates an understanding of Valencia’s reality and the concept and intentions of the open call.

Production of the artwork will take place from 22 September – 8 October 2020. A fee of 3000 euros will be granted to cover trips, accommodation, production and artist’s fee (taxes included).

Deadline: 19 September 2020

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